Retype announces 'Barbieri'

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Barbieri is a casual sans type family, based on a German lettering style from the 1960s. The original hand-drawn alphabet was used in a rather peculiar edition of Der Barbier von Bagdad, an opera composed by Peter Cornelius. Our efforts to identify the cover designer have been, so far, unsuccessful. As fans of informal typography and popular lettering styles, we thought these few thin letters deserved a re-incarnation as a complete type family. Andrés Torresi and Marta Sánchez Marco were in charge of the production work.

Now Barbieri has 6 weights suitable for packaging, posters, and music covers. It resembles a certain ‘Americana’ spirit, though with a Germanic twist.

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Nice one, i like the light weight best, however.

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That is just great! I love the way the lighter weights can look retro, the heavy weights contemporary, and the whole range works together.

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Thanks a lot for the comments and feedback.

Ramiro E.

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