New Lions Logo Leaked

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An improvement, but how will it play on mane street, and will it help them win?

Maybe they traded that old circus font to the Cowboys along with Kitna.

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So rather than improve the players they are playing with the logo. That should move them up in the standings ... maybe as high as second worst team in the league.

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Boring! Why do teams/companies have to make their stuff so amazingly boring? This may seem like a fanboy speaking, but the best "update" to a team's logo/mascot was done by the Seattle Seahawks. They are one of the few teams to go from boring --> cool. But a lot of team's old logos and uniforms were way cooler back in the day.

The days when teams wear their throwback uniforms are the best. The Cowboys' and Lion's throwbacks are especially improvements over their drab current uniforms.

And Don is right: Spend some money fixing your team and someone might actually care if your logo has changed.

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This is definitely better than the one that was floating around the internet a few months ago.

I'm glad they just added details to the classic silhouette. The type looks furry, which is cute, I'm not sure it's succeeds in being "aggressive" but at least it doesn't look like it's from the back part of Cedar Point anymore. In general the aesthetics of football has been a race to the bottom. The best thing we can hope for here is that the Lions use this logo update as an excuse to ditch the horrible black they added to the uniforms and go back to the awesome bright blue and silver everyone identifies them with.

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You didn't hear? The Lions are ditching everything that had anything to do with Matt Mullen, and that includes the black unis. They will instead use their classic blue and silver throwbacks as their third uniform.

And the woodtype of their name will be missed. Not too many people or companies had kept such a thing for so long.

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No matter how much soap and deodorant they use, it's impossible to wash off the stink of 0-16.

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It kinda looks like some generic arena-league design.. kinda ironic cause they belong in that league (not that I can talk, being a Bengals fan)

- Scott

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