Rasterization of fonts for screen (web)

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does anyone have any advice for rasterizing type - especially small type, but any type really - for sceen (web) use?
i'm creating the images and type in illustrator, and then either "saving for web" or outputting a tiff and funking with that in photoshop. neither have really proved satisfactory - antialiasing is too fuzzy, or just not quite on point.
i suppose i could work only in photoshop, but im far more comfortable laying out type and such in illustrator, asi i spose i should be.

thanks in advance.


oh. see the type at www.theeaves.com for example of obnoxious rasterizing for screen. small type is getting lost, or fuzzed. blech.

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If you want anti-aliased type that looks good, the only real option is grayscale pixelfonts:


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