Microsoft: Windows 7 to support Capital Sharp S

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Some of the core fonts of Windows 7 will feature the Capital Sharp S at its new codepoint 1E9E. This has been confirmed to me yesterday by Microsoft and Ascender Corp. representatives.
An article in German and an image can be found at

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Just to be clear I don't think the inclusion of the character in popular fonts equals a Microsoft endorsement of it. We looked at the Unicode 5.1 extensions and added only characters most likely to be used.

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I feel like we should pass out cigars.

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Indeed! A picture of my team after we checked-in those fonts...

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Quiz! Where’s the uppercase eszett in this picture?

a) First line, third character
b) Second line, third character
c) After having seen the new glyphs of Verdana and Tahoma, I wonder how an uppercase eszett would look like in ITC Bauhaus.

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Why are the glyphs different?
BTW, they also need a "lowered umlaut" U.

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Nick: Why are the glyphs different?

Because they're different letters. That's an eszett in the second line, and a B in the first line.

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That Bauhaus B makes it tough!


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Aſ if the ſmall ſ waſ not enouf.

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Except you are using the long s incorrectly. It should not appear at the end of a word.

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Oh well, all right. I'll just go away for a couple of months and work out an example with proper usage.
Wait, I found a word, describing both of us: ſmart aß

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Wait, I'm not following this. What is the difference (if any) between an upper and lower case esszet, and why would you need an uppercase anyhow?

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Nick, sorry for the confusion. With that circuitous post, I tried to express my disppointment about the form the new glyph got in Microsoft’s sans-serif faces, which too closely resembles a ‘B’. And my general skepticism about the capital sharp S, I guess.
ITC Bauhaus doesn’t have an uppercase eszett.

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>I tried to express my disppointment about the form the new glyph got in Microsoft’s sans-serif faces

Sorry, that wasn't clear from your original post. Happy to pass feedback to the designers - in the case of Arial that would be Monotype and as I recall Ascender did the other sans.

Probably too late to change them for Windows 7, but they can always be updated in the future.

Also most of the sans faces are user interface fonts, that would only get rendered at small sizes in UI. That may be a reason for the design, but could also be a reason to have them stand out more.

Anyway if you have any more detailed feedback please send it directly to me.

Cheers, Si

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