What are these fonts?

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Hi there! I'm a design student, re creating two magazine spreads for a type assignment. The two magazines are Flux and Frankie.

I was wondering if anyone could tell me what the body copy typefaces of each spreads were and the title typefaces? Otherwise a close enough one would be great!


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First one is Scala Sans.

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The title of Flux is set in Bodoni. The ones from Frankie in Helvetica, you should recognize this!

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Haha actually I hadn't even looked at the Frankie one properly yet. I just sent it it while I was trying to figure out the Flux Magazine one. What about the body copy though - that's not Helvetica!

Thanks for your help though.

Scala Sans?
I thought it might be Gill Sans.. I'll look into it.

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For Flux, I think the opening paragraph is Scala, then Gill Sans is probably right.

As for Frankie, body copy could be a Courier?

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