Price for a Logo?

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What do you think is a good price for a freelance project for a logo done for a independent toy store. Done by a college student?

I was thinking $200 - $500


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A good price for you, the student or the store?

If the student spends an hour or two on this then the price is probably good for them.

If you pay the student this and mark up by 200% then the price is good for you.

If the toy shop owner is happy with the logo then it’s a good price for them.

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I wouldn’t expect to get more than $500, and going above $250 might be pushing it in today’s market.

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Somewhere around the range of it being worth your time and being of value to them.

Me? I'd ask them to pay me in Lego kits.

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Is the logo a means to an end, or does the client see the bigger picture and in addition are undertaking a (re)launch to increase their profile in the marketplace. Are you getting involved with how the logo is going to be used on signage, marketing, advertising and web - if not why not, as these will be factors that you take into account when you design the logo?

Sorry i've got my dogmatic head on, but a key thing for todays young designers to understand, is the need to provide the client with a return on investment. If they spend $100 or $1million on your services how much money is your expertise going to generate for them.

Good luck!

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Its just casual. Someone introduced me to someone else, and they said, why don't you design this logo for us. It could lead to other stuff, so I think I'll low ball.

Just getting a feeling for a good going rate for something professional.

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On Craigslist they'll find someone who charges $25. I mean, "it's just casual," right? No need to be professional.

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> I think I’ll low ball

Once you low ball, you will be expected to continue working at a deeply discounted rate.

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I would have to go aluminum - logos. When I was in college I did a lot of trades. The client was out less cash and I got some great stuff for my portfolio that was real world stuff plus free meals or wharever.


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