How to use small caps correctly

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Jane Smith, MEd, RD, LD

In my layout all of the above is small caps, but then they added the MEd to the layout and I don't know what the right thing is to do? This is a publication so I have to think about it being consistent with last issue also. Should i make only the d lowercase? make everything but the d uppercase?



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Hi Ascender,

have a look at these threads:

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This is precisely the pitfall of using small caps for academic abbreviations and why I generally recommend against it. PhD, which is more common, presents the same problem.

I don't think there's a good solution in your situation. Good luck.

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Well at least I know I am in good company not knowing what to do.

But what about the fact that her name is in small caps also? I could "fix" it by changing her name to all uppers and lowers, but then it would not be consistent with last issue.

If I wanted to keep her name in all small caps what should I do?

thanks again!

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There are three things you can do.

As it is a rare occurrence, a little manual work on the "d" is OK.

1. Reduce the size of lower case "d", then increase its weight by applying a "Stroke" value.
2. Use a "d" from a smaller optical size, if your typeface has one.
3. Choose a "d" from a related font that has the appropriate weight at the size.

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Thanks Nick,

That really works!

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Seems like we need lowercase smallcaps. ;o)

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