If Michelle Obama were a typeface, what would she be?

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I'm looking for a serif face that expresses similar strength, grace, restraint. Thoughts?

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Msou, you did pose an interesting question. I'm glad to be first one to respond.

My choice: Beorcana


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Archer ;)

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I knew you'd say archer, heh. How about other than HFJ?

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Beorcana is a good suggestion, though technically not a serif. I would go with FF Tisa or Swift.

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Michelle: Chicago Condensed 72pt
Barak: Chicago Regular 64pt

(yes I know these are not serifed)

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TNC -- Times New Century

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If Obama is Gotham perhaps Michelle is Gotham rounded?

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thanks for some great suggestions!

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If Obama is Gotham then maybe Michelle is Whitney?

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I think she's a little more pretty than Whitney, which is more of a casual workhorse.

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I'm liking Andrade but I've never used it myself. Anyone know if it's ok to work with?

(edit: explaining myself: she's too lithe to be old-style or transitional, too cosmopolitan to be slab, too strong and plainspoken for something whiskery like Didot. I'm trying desperately to work in a pun about arms. There!)

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Egyptian 505?

> I think she’s a little more pretty than Whitney

Actually I think for a black woman she's pretty homely.


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That would only get Msou's work submitted to the Lack of Typographic Imagination pool ;)

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For Michelle I'd go for Esprit:

or Pontifex:

For Barack perhaps Avenir:

or Stone Humanist:

cheerio Queneau

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> @FeeltheKern
That would only get Msou’s work submitted to the Lack of Typographic Imagination pool ;)

I haven't actually said that I was shaping content about M.O., just that I am IDing type that embodies her qualities. ;)

That said, Michelle BF doesn't fit the bill.

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Sorry, should have included a winking smiley. I do love that illustration of a sultry woman of mystery, though.

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