using a font from bad?

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Someone showed me this font and I liked it.

But then I found out it was from DaFont.

I still like it, but would you guys use it?

Would it be bad to use it?


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No, Dafont has decent fonts when it comes to free.
However, I would not use it because I have moved on
and am able to buy pro-fonts.

No man is an island unto himself_John Donne

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I don't like it, a similar but much more elegant alternative would be ITC Kabel

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There are some decent pro fonts on dafonts. Look each font over and judge each on its own merit. Also, look over the description. Some of the fonts are free for personal use only; others are available for commercial use. Some of the listings also have links to the designer/ foundry website which is cool. Some of the fonts available from dafonts are only available there. Pro versions are still best.


...from the Fontry

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Kabel is nice

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Always try to track down the original site for a fresh version. For example: all free Larabie Fonts and most free Typodermic Fonts on Dafont are at least 1 version of out date, some are 4 versions out of date.

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There’s nothing inherently wrong with using fonts from DaFont. I’d think more highly of a designer who uses good free fonts than I would of a designer who actually pays for bad retail fonts.

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Yes, there are allot of good free fonts out there.
A good designer can turn water into wine with free fonts.
I admire people who give high quality fonts away it says allot
about them. I will give my first font away simply because I do
not rely on them for income. My income comes from graphic design,
photography, and my illustration skills.

No man is an island unto himself_John Donne

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