Japanese exclusive typeface redux

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Regarding the AXIS font thread (http://www.typophile.com/forums/messages/30/11611.html?1056392403), I had promised a scan of the article from the October 2001 issue of AXIS that spoke briefly about its design.

Here it is.

application/pdfAXIS font article. AXIS #93, 10.01
axisfont.pdf (1108.8 k)

I tried to add this directly to the thread, but couldn't work it out. Are threads closed once they pass into the archive? Or am I just useless?

Please don't answer the second question.


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Nice, Paul.

The text of that article is available here too.

And yes, the archived threads don

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How did jay bring the g

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Paul, thanks for putting up the scan of the article.
Am I correct that there's no mention of Kobayashi in it?


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Yes. Skimming the Japanese, I do not find his name there either. The article seems to focus not so much on the creators or creation of the typeface as much as the conditions for making the face and the result as a product.

Sadly, this article reflects what I am used to seeing in Japanese editorial (though certainly not unique to the Japanese): a lot of colorful talk, with very little to say.

An entertaining example is "I say that typefaces are words that you can see."

Golly, I never thought of it that way! Just wish I was so insightful (and I am being only slightly facetious).

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Paul, the "development" threads (Design, Critique, Release and Build) don't get archived, allowing "late" posts... I must say that it's pretty clever, although I just realise it now. :-)

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I see! Good detective work, Eduardo!


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Slightly off-topic, but there are some great Japanese (display) typefaces here.
That's the website of Saikusa Yasushi, awarded with the Gold Prize by Morisawa Awards in 1999.

Link via Luc Devroye.

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Just to tell the guy has some great logos and graphic design work too. :-)

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