Meta Kerning -- bad?

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So I'm sitting here working with Meta. I noticed it seems like there are no kerning pairs for Meta LF, wich is lining figures. if I select a chunk of text, there are not one kerning pair. If I change to meta (not Lf) it has them. Are they think that we are suppose to use LF only on the selected numerals? I'm curious.

I believe its Meta 2, as well.

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My appologies about the above grammer. :-)

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On all font or just for figures?

If its figures, its normal, as its lining and probably tabular.

If its all font, its a small mistake common in days of Fontographer: when you open a font with it, kerns need to be imported after, so the developer perhaps missed an operation?

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By the way, Mr. Thomas Phinney,
Piero De Macchi's Nomina for Italian telephone books
has been digitized in Fontographer.
If Fontographer never did make very good fonts,
Piero De Macchi at least has done one.
Who's on earth the developer of Meta?
I have 96 Mb of memory but how can developpa-dude
forget about that?

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When I said that Fontographer didn't make very good fonts, I meant that there were certain technical problems and limitations with fonts built by Fontographer.

For example, Fontographer's auto-hinting is quite poor. IIRC, Fontographer doesn't do hint replacement, or doesn't do it well. The Windows version forces PostScript FontNames to match Windows menu names in inappopriate ways. It becomes particularly limiting if one wants to make fonts with more than 256 glyphs and use Unicode (it does have some support here, but it's not very well done). Fontographer's irritating habit of doing decimal precision in point locations makes it hard to maintain consistent stroke weights, and contributes to design problems.

I'm sure there are other issues, but it's been many years since I used the tool, so I am probably forgetting some.

But all that is just to say that fonts built with Fontographer tend to be less than perfect technically, and suffer various technical limitations. One can build fonts in Fontographer that are technically good enough, particularly if one knows what Fontographer will do automatically wrong. And none of that stops people from making fonts that are artistically great.



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Hey Kyle. Not sure what's up with your files. All my FF Metas
have kerning, LF styles, too. It's my understanding that FF have
been working with FontLab for a while now, so the Fontographer
limitation doesn't apply here.

I would email the fonts to FontFont and they'll replace if need be.
Tell 'em I sent you.

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