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Hi all,

I'm having a tough time finding a font for my husband's (yep-another result of our bad economy) resume. He works or worked in the financial sector. The current resume is in Times and it pains me to look at it, yet I can't find a font that is "strong" enough (his words-he wants it to look strong) to match it. Simple, sophisticated and strong-no sans. So silly, but I think I'm too close to it and afraid to choose the wrong font and sabotage potential job suitors. I'd appreciate any ideas...


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I would suggest thorndale to be one good option. Its similar to times but is more weighty in all the right places

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Athough for a resume i would suggest something like souvenir lt BT. Its serifs are very blunt giving it the elegance of a serif with the no nonsense attitude of the sans serif

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Arnhem from Ourtype is a really good one.

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Honestly, I'm not sure if it's worth the money. Typeface choice for a resume isn't that big a deal, as long as he ain't applying for jobs in the visual communication field.

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"afraid to choose the wrong font and sabotage potential job suitors"

If you avoid Comic Sans, Papyrus and Optima, you'll do fine.

As much as everyone in here would like to say the font makes or breaks the resume, it really doesn't. ;o)

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And if you don't like Times (New Roman?), try some of the other serifs that came with your computer.

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I tried Souvenir and it's too modern with the x-heights being too big for what I'm looking for. Thank you though. Tried Garamond, Caslon and they didn't have the no nonsense heaviness and contrast that Times has. Arnhem is beautiful and right on target, but too expensive for us right now. Aluminum, you made me laugh here-bite your tongue for saying that on a font-lover's website. :o) Yes, I guess since he is in the financial field, it doesn't really matter. I guess I'm envisioning some person in HR, exhausted from looking at Times resumes all day, and then she happens upon my husbands resume and feels a sense of calm that makes her take a second look (because of his carefully chosen font, of course.) Very silly. But really, this has spurned a question in my head-are there any well-known fonts that are Times-like?

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Oh, one bit advice I got that actually made sene:

- Do not use the default MS Word Resume template.

That probably doesn't apply to anyone already in the creative field (unless they use it ironically ;o) but I can see that being an issue everywhere else where 90% of all the resumes use that exact same template and blend in to the background.

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It isn't-phew. Thanks for your tip.

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Plantin is nice and heavy.

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Take a look at our Rawlinson:

If you like it contact me off line and we can see what we can do.


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In this economy, you might go for Georgia, Minion, Lido, or URW Garamond.

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Some employers and recruiters require applicants to upload or email resumes as MS Word files. If you use a font the employer doesn't have, Word may default to Courier, so it's best to use a font almost everybody has. I like EK's suggestion of Georgia, because just about everybody has it, but it looks more sophisticated than Times (and the old style figures are a nice touch since your husband is a numbers guy).
If you're sending a Word file, set it up correctly. Use styles instead of manual formatting. Avoid Based on Normal, as the recipient may have different Normal settings than you do. Never use extra hard returns to create space above headings and list entries; make this an attribute of your paragraph styles. Ditto for indents. Turn on smart quotes.
And for heaven's sake, spell everything right. Your husband wouldn't need a job if he had a dollar for every "Principle Engineer" out there.

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Principle Engineer

I think the Republican Party is hiring...

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Thanks so much for all of your suggestions-and I will keep Rawlinson in mind for a future book design as I need readable text fonts often. I ended up going with Times as I was afraid to default to Courier. He usually does upload text resumes so I want to make sure it goes through properly. I've set it up in INDD and will give him PDF's to send out. Word is not my strong suit :o) I agree with your spelling comment. My cousin, a straight A student going to a great college, can't spell to save her life. I blame texting.

Tnks agn.

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If he hands out a pdf, you won't have to worry about the default Courier. Use any font you like!

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I use Meta and Meta Serif on my resumé. When my dad asked me what he should use, I recommended Hoefler Text and Gill — included with Mac OS. I think he may be using just Hoefler, though.

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You can always embed fonts in word document. It's default feature of Micorosoft Word since I don't know when. :-)

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I didn't know that. Thanks!

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I think you can only embed TrueType (.TTF) fonts, which would eliminate most professional fonts. Does anyone know if this embedding works with OTF-CFF fonts as well?

If you can embed these, Dino has a very inexpensive font called "Leitura" which I think is quite sturdy and Times-ish. You might like it. If you can get by with just two styles, it adds up to the price of just one style from most other typefaces.

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> Does anyone know if this embedding works with OTF-CFF fonts as well?

Word won't embed anything with an .otf extension, although it will embed OpenType fonts with a .ttf extension. Also, Word won't embed TrueType fonts unless the font has the right embedding permissions.

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Thanks for the clarification, Gus.

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 My (engineering) résumé is done in Jos Buivenga's Fontin at 10/12. You can see a picture at Exljbris Fonts Flicker Pool.
 It looks conservative, while still being just different enough to catch the eye.


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Thanks for these suggestions-I'm especially found of Leitura. I didn't know about the OTF/TT issue with Word.

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If it will be e-mailed in .doc format, stick with standard Word fonts.

Unless he's applying for something in the design field, beware of getting too liberal with fonts on a resume, regardless of the format.

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Yep-sticking with Times for him, but keeping others in mind for myself. Thanks!

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During an economic climate such as ours, I believe it's best not to stand apart from the crowd as most employers are looking to hire potential employees that are going to fit in with their organization, not rock the boat and be team players (and every other cliche in the book). Especially the financial sector.

Why don't you try Times Ten? It comes complete with small caps and old style figures. Just enough to help make his resume sparkle a bit.

But I also might also be the only one on this site who actually likes Times...

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I would also recommend sticking with one of the standard fonts for practical reasons, however limiting it might feel for your inner typographer. I've set my own actuarial resume in Georgia since it often needs to be mailed in .doc format.

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