Expand a Character to show anchor points and handles

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Hi guys,

I've hit a bit of problem with some illustrator work I'm doing.

I've a letter C, which I want to have all the anchor points and handles of this letter expanded to be actual paths, so the .eps file itself would contain a letter complete with its all anchor points and handles.

Any idea if there's an elegant way to do this, beyond just screengrabbing and tracing!



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Do you mean something beyond Select > Type > Create Outlines?

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hello david,

we did a thing like that a few years back, as a complicated series of robofab scripts which Erik and Frederik helped me write, and that had a c. 98.375% chance of crashing fontlab:

Thankfully, this is no longer necessary thanks to Mr. Lehni's Scriptographer tool for Illustrator, and specifically a script for it called "Anchorman".

Our scripts were a tad more interesting for the type designer in that they would generate every layer of information (Oncurve points, BCPs, coordinates, hints, and something else I forget) for the entire typeface, and as a separate font, but as i said, muy crashy...

(ah, yes, we decided to not show the actual outline, but of course that would merely be another layer of the same text block)



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ah wow, that's just what I was after.

thank you!

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