Wisconsin's new logo & slogan controversy

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Take a look at these...



What do you guys think? First the logo itself, then the slogan.

Do you see a problem with the slogan "Live like you mean it"? I know its been used time and time again by many institutions, but I don't think its a big deal. I think the logotype is very interesting...don't know if I necessarily like it, but interesting. What do you think?

Jon E.

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Do you see a problem with the slogan “Live like you mean it”?

Isn’t Wisconsin a little too relaxing for that slogan? I guess there are some rough parts of Milwaukee, but other than that…

As for the logo, it’s too busy. And I have no clue what is going on with that weird flourish on the W.

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Yeah, I don't know what they made such a big deal out of it.

I agree with you about the logo, it is busy. It almost looks like a sideway 1 on the W. I kinda like the typographic treatment on the N though...


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Wisconsin? Live like you mean it?

Wow. Never would have crossed my mind.

Maybe, "Live like your ancestors", or "Live like you would like to live if you didn't have to work at a non-agricultural job".

Or they should just go all the way:

"Wisconsin. The home of the Green Bay Packers."

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By the way, I love Wisconsin. It's like Minnesota, except with the benefit of not bordering North or South Dakota :)

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They stole my idea of the V treatment .. lol :)

Logo-wise I think the color choice is awful. It's like a youthful logo that is meant to appeal to a geriatric audience. And what's with the dot after a (lowercase) slogan ?

It is however memorable. So one may argue they have achieved one of their rebranding goals.

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Hey, Dan Gayle!

Wisconsin has better Limburger cheese than is made in Minnesota. The house beer at our place is from Wisconsin: Huber Bock. The rolling hills of Wisconsin and Wisconsin's Mississippi bluffs are wonderful.

Keep in mind that I work for the Minnesota Historical Society.

& without the Dakotas I'm not sure where I'd go on my April bird-watching trip.

Our new state slogan: "Live Life Like You're Between the Dakotas and Wisconsin."


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lol epsilicon, they did steal your "V" treatment...I agree, though I think its memorable in a bad way.

Thanks, Ignacio! I was wondering what font that was.


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I have to agree that the message conveyed by the mark is mixed. The colors are...static to say the least, but the typeface, it's treatment, and cartwheeling guy convey motion. The placement of the tagline seems arbitrary and the content ('live like you mean it') doesn't seem to mesh with most people's idea of Wisconsin - even if it hadn't been used before by others.

That being said - the colors aren't bad for a mark regarding Wisconsin, just for use in THIS mark regarding Wisconsin.

This whole thing looks rather rushed to me.

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I'm giving it a score of minus three stars. It's a total failure and a piece of shit. The slogan is pallid and insulting.

j a m e s

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James, those are understatements.


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I was thinking the cartwheel guy looked an awful lot like the clipart vector image I used for a pro-bono project. I went with clip art to keep my costs down.

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From a typographer’s point of view I can only say: that logotype is just a botch. Poor country.

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"It’s a total failure and a piece of shit." & "Poor country."
Wow! Take a look at this ugly label:
And don't ever, ever, ever, ever, open one of these things up, ever, 'cause what's inside is even worse.
Let me handle the whole state, please stand back, stay way beyond the Illinois state line.

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