New! Alpine Script from Charles Borges de Oliveira

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I just finished my new font called Alpine Script. This font contains 30 alternate characters. Great for anything from signage to culinary packaging!

Have a great day,

-Charles Borges de Oliveira

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Beautiful and useful as usual, Charles. Can't wait to have it at FontShop.

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Lovely goodness. Love those fast curves and tight corners.

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Thank you Stephen and Miss Tiffany :)

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That's a pretty neat flyer too. Good work! :)

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Why "Alpine"?
(Just curious. Being Swiss, I often find myself wondering how non-Swiss things end up having a Swiss flag on them.)

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Thanks Bendy, there is a closer picture if you are interested on my site

Good question Altaira. My wife and kids and I love to go to a town called Leavenworth in our home state of Washington. It is a Bavarian (German not Swedish) town that is up high in the mountains. It is about as close to the Alps as I will get anytime soon. This font just reminds me of the fun vacations we have had up there.


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Awesome, Charles!

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Looks extremely delicious! I love it!

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I'm pretty sure it doesn't get a lot better than this.

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Looks great CB


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Makes me think of hot cocoa. Most Excellent.


...from the Fontry

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Wow! The best curves! What perfection, This is really a fine piece of work!

Keep up the good work!

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Thank you guys for the nice comments. I really appreciate it :)

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Charles, didn't know you are a fellow washingtonian.
Here's a couple of pics we took last summer at the charming "Alpine" town of Leavenworth.

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I like the signage.


...from the Fontry

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Amazing job Charles! I'm always excited to see new stuff from you. The letters interact beautifully.

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Excellent script, Charles.

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nice inspired crossover between LHF Sarah Script and Spring Std...

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Thank you guys!

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Swiss = Sweden ... ??? yeah right!
Fischers Fritz fischt frische Fische, frische Fische fischt Fischers Fritz.

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