Nancy Sharon Collins Cited in Martha Stewart

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Hand engraved “thank you” card by Nancy Sharon Collins, Stationer. The original lettering was hand cut into a 1/2" thick steel die then "die stamped" onto this hand gilded card.

See, “I’m In Love…” Posted by Marisa Sellitti, Stationery Expert, Martha Stewart Wedding.


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Congrats! And very beautiful. Maaartha verrry picky. :)

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Very nice good luck!

No man is an island unto himself_John Donne

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Nancy, have you heard about my "Don't Mention It" cards?


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Thanks guys for the support.

hrant: There is a very famous, or infamous, little card produced by a social stationery engraver in Florida, it reads, "I apologize for any untoward behaviour exhibited by me last night." Or, something on that order.

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Great! We need more stuff like that.
Like: "I would thank you, but my fancy font ran out."


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the other cards that i have been longing to engrave would be the immediate response cards,

"#%$! You"


"You $@!*"

you'll have to imagine the sentiments implied as i'm pretty sure its not polite to swear here.

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