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Very Greek*, eh?

I could not help noticing some strange occurences in the posts here:

To me personally as 'humble' as SPQR or USSR.

Associates with 'at', as in 'have at you': quite belligerent and unfriendly, visually reminiscent of hurling fireballs at people. The difference between talking 'to' someone and 'at' someone.

LOL: not really funny, but try again?

Any others?
*From βλογόσ  (1) opinionated nonsense; (2) hurried, shallow intercourse.

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IMHO the "H" in IMHO can stand for "Honest" in place of "Humble".

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:-) negative smile?
:+) positive smile? or a clown? or some bird? would it be better like this :^ then?
.-) shiver me timbers smile (har, har instead of the more common ha, ha)
:o) oink?

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@ = hostile? well, who knew?



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That comes more from the Twitter culture, if you ask me. It's simply a convenient way of marking who you are talking to.

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@DanGayle: <- This form of address dates back far earlier than Twitter, though Twitter does make extensive use of it in their system. It has been used on multiuser BBS forums to disambiguate who one is responding to, without needing a full quotation.

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@Russell: how could we do "tongue in cheek"? >) or ⊃)

@all: wow, look what I just found: ɷ
surely there must be some use for this ... perhaps
nice ɷ!

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You know I always wondered WTF was up with those two entities.

Thanks, James, I knew I missed something ...

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@paragraph: ɷ ? hmm .. o_O .. that's a neologism compared to an established form of (.)


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If I had one of these, I could PML much easier. :)

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