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This is something i've been working on last few days. At the first sight, it reminds me of something between meta and klavika... i am still trying out some different styles, like "k", "K" or "x" on one side and rather round forms such as "s", "S".
Tell me what you think...

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Cabrilo_sample032609.pdf20.4 KB
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Hi Andrej
This is neat, I like it. Looks like it would be nice for headlines. Your s is really nice.
Here are my observations, as a not-very-accomplished type designer:

Ampersand looks like there's a section missing.
B and G look narrow. W also looks a bit tight.
S could do with a couple of units more weight on the spine.
I find a's tail a bit on the long side.
m is very skinny.
r looks like a cut-off n.
I would have a straight y. x looks dark.
I find the curved terminals on gjt a bit tight.
I like your cedilla. The other diacritics look a bit close to the base glyphs.

Hope that's a bit useful! :)

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I'll comment on the design later, but at the moment you might want to know that Kabron is a "hip" way of writing "cabrón" which is "asshole" in Spanish.

«El futuro es una línea tan fina que apenas nos damos cuenta de pintarla nosotros mismos». (La Luz Oscura, por Javier Guerrero)

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ehmm, i thought it means "mate" in mexican slang... besides that, its just a working title. but still, thanks for the advice!

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i welcome & appreciate your comments!
you made some good points on design, i will try to do something soon & post here. however i like the "y" and i think i might keep it like that! :)

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IMHO, ‘a’ has potential, but it needs a little more of work. No doubt about ‘r’: it looks really weird. Ring: too little white space. Agree with Bendy about ampersand.

The linguistic note: “Cabrón”, at least in Mexico, has a lot of meanings, but certainly it is a bad word in some circles… If you call “cabrón” a very good friend, it’s ok (“mate” meaning). If you call “cabrón” your boss, you’re dead (“asshole” meaning).

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In Spain and Portugal respectively, "Kabron" and "Cabrão" is a very insulting word. It means a guy that is doing sex with the wife of a married man. May be it means something like "****" in English

Talking about the topic, it seems to me that the lower case letters and upper case letters are two completely different typefaces.

The 'a' seems very weird. It creates a lot of space between it and the next letter, due to its tail, and you may consider doing an exception for its kerning.

Now i am looking more attentively and seems to me the first example of text has an exaggerated kerning, unlike the rest of the document.

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i have just started working on this, like 6-7 days ago, so kerning might still be very basic. i dont agree the things you said about the "a" – cant see so much space there, but i am concerning doing something like this:

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Okay finally back on a computer with Acrobat/Reader. The C and the G are the most glaring letters to me. Their curves are more open and a bit more linear. The S's curve is about what you should go for I think.

«El futuro es una línea tan fina que apenas nos damos cuenta de pintarla nosotros mismos». (La Luz Oscura, por Javier Guerrero)

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i got new working title ;)

i have attached newest pdf as well.

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I like it. For now I would make only some comment the design. At my point of view the descender are a bit too long. The bowl of the R are too big comparing with the P which one should be the biggest one between the B and the R. Take care of the design, look at the top of the C and the S those terminal should be in the same way at least the same size. The top of the C is close and the G is open, you should choose one of the two and use it for all. In the s the horizontal seems too big or her spin is too small. Keep going.

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you are right, i have reduced the descender line abit and balanced the C & G.

i am still not really pleased with S, s, strangely the horizontal stems still look way too thick, but maybe its the screen-display...

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I hope the PDF's are only not working because of caching issues from the Typophile downtime. :(

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damn hell yes! i am uploading new one!

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Ah nice. I think the bowl of the a is too large. But I have a soft spot for small-ish bowls. :X

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