Brick-Layer: My First Typeface

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There was a pile of bricks sitting in the front yard. I have no idea why they're there, but they have been there forever. I have to design a typeface, so I thought that using the bricks for that would be pretty neato. So I made all 26 letters (sorry, no symbols or anything...yet) and took photos and edited them down to where they would be simple enough to use practically. I'm a pretty big fan of block letters, so theres that as well. I haven't finished editing all of the letters, but I have to get something up here now and figure this will at least get the point across, I hope. Please let me know what you think. MORE TO COME!

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looks like lots of fun.

nice job.

the particular angle of the letters might make them a bit tough to work with as a font or .eps alphabet.

you might consider doing some sort of upright version?

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Nice... made me smile. I agree with beejay on the angle you're using... You might want to try different ones, to see which will look best when forming words.

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There’s nothing here that won’t work as vectors; if you autotrace the gray and black areas onto two layers you could turn this one into a really great chromatic face.

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Thanks y'all. Beejay - when you say that I should consider doing an "upright version," do mean that I should explore using a different perspective entirely, or simply rotating each character such that they should be straight up-and-down?

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i guess it would depend...what are your intentions for this?

having a traditional horizontal baseline would be helpful, but not necessary, if others are going to use these.

have you tried rotating the letters as they are now?

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