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I just found this forum and boy am I lovin it. I'm glad I'm not the only branding nut out there. I will probably utilize this board some as I am kinda an island to myself at my job and don't really get much extra creative input. Anyway - here is one that I just wrapped up - I just want to get some feedback on it.

The company sells a couple of very specific software suites (ComputerEase - an accounting software and LaserFiche - a document management software) does networking, and sells some hardware. They came with more of a blaze orange color in their design history and a logo that was pretty dated.

I wanted to subtly enforce the idea of a computer screen through the shapes in that particular font. I also wanted the logo to show support and partnership (the m and v were a bonus) as they move into a consultancy role. We also use that shape repetitively on some pieces as a pattern (see folder) and some broad solids of the orange and blue.



Here is a pdf of stationery items, labels, etc. the bc is double sided.

Microvisions Stationery.pdf (68.9 k)

Looking forward to comments/criticisms/snide remarks etc...

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Some points to consider, though I haven't studied you mark more closely:

On the whole, it looks nice, clean and professional.

It may, looking at the arrangement on the whole, seem a little dated. I'm not sure what exactly is the reason. It may have something to do with the type. You know, Microgramme, Eurostile and the like are very much 60ish. They are being used again and thus they are also 00ish (possibly 90ish). I like your font, but they way you have arranged it, it kind of resembles the sixties. Consider the symbol/type size/relationship. -- (This may be a personal thing for me ... would like to have others commenting on this]

The version displayed at the top, with the symbol centered over a point between 'MICRO' and 'VISIONS' (and thus asymetrical] is not so pleasing. Either center it or make it flush left IMO.

Have you considered making M and MICRO (and V and VISIONS) the same colour?

On the whole, I think you design too 'nicely' ... I would to see something organic as a contrast, something wild. Maybe one of the two colours should be contrasting in tonality, something should be shown in fragment ... or something like that.

I don't like, on the stationary items -- the brown part -- the way the screen shape has been put into another screen shape.

Soren O

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I love it... great stuff! My only quibble is that Mata has kinda been over-exposed due to it being the titling font for Spider-Man 2. And if you've been to a grocery store or retail store recently (in America) you may have noticed that Sony has licensed the movie up the yahoo, from clothes to cereal to popcorn.

But it works so well with the shape of the logo!

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I'd agree about the logo inside the logo-shape. That's a tad too much.

It's a decent, nice logo. The only issue I have is that it doesn't seem balanced as if the logo mark is shifting to the left compared to the type below.

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In accordance with the rest of the postings here, I'm not crazy about the unbalanced logotype placement. It either needs to be centered, or offset, but not sort of centered.

The various printed pieces are faithful to the general identity/brand, but it looks like there wasn't as much design sensitivity as was given to the logo itself. Some of the pieces are too close to the edges of the page, the type is set without attention to relativity, I think a better font could be used (refering to the info type). This kit cover/presentation folder in particular is a pretty nice piece, but I don't think the logo framed in white is working

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Wow - thanks for the feedback guys - I hear what you're saying - we went round and round with the logo placement centered versus centered over the break in type versus left aligned (I particularly liked one version where the logo was not as near to the type and was NW of where it is now, but not aligned - I know I'm explaining that all wrong) and in the end I got outmaneuvered - I warned them that it would create all sorts of issues down the road, but instead we will be utilizing the other two versions as well to try and even it out throughout the adwork etc.

As far as the other pieces, thse guys are VERY straight laced - it was a lot of work on the part of myself and the marketing director to get the owners this far down the road.

The original mark didn't have the blue outline around the triangle and "M" shape and we went back and forth on that to bring out the white MV in the negative space - still not sure if we made the right decision on that.

Soren - the whole sixties thing - I think I was channeling the spirit of a textile designer from the sixties or maybe just waiting on my new Todd Oldham Snap Sofa - but I wish I could have taken it a little more funky - but believe me this is as far as they would budge, but I was actually going for a little of that - hope it wasn't a bad choice - time will tell. What parts are you talking about logo within a logo (the cover of the folder?) Yeah I kinda thought so to once it was done - hindsight and good friends are 20/20. Originally that layout was conceived before the blue outline was around the mark and they wanted to keep it that way - we did a couple of other versions with the horizontal version (which because of the balance issue has become my favorite) but this was what we landed on.
Are you also talking about the color bars at the top of the pieces repeating that shape?

Scott - Tell me more - what you are knocking at is exactly the kind of critique I would like - some of those small details are things I think I miss after looking at it for a long period of time. As far as the font - let me just say I had to talk them out of Arial - twice. But I am curious what would you suggest and is there a particualr aspect that makes them incongruant? Again - I'm just here for the advice (wink wink).

Thanks all the info - it may be too late to change this one, but I can use it on my next few projects. I have a couple of others that are wrapped that I felt in the end were missing just one more level of polish and a critical eye. Plus now I can fly some new things by some folks that will do more than just say - that's it run with it {rolls eyes}.

Oh and sorry for the double post - hopefully the moderator gods will blend them.

Now that I've rambled enough - Thanks guys - looking forward to more!

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