Blue values criteria for casual brush font

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Hi there,

I am designing a 'casual brush' font and because of it informal nature every character doesn't 100% respect overshoot limits.

My question is: how the alignment values should be? Should they fit the overshoot despite the characters sometimes surpass them here and there OR should the alignment values have as limit the characters with the more extreme nodes?

Thanks in advance.


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The question to ask is this: which features do you want to be aligned at small sizes and low resolutions, and which features are you happy to let pop up and down a pixel at some sizes? Features that you want to be aligned need to be within the same blue zone.

Note that if you do end up making large blue zones in order to accomodate the widely ranging height, you may need to adjust the size of the BlueScale value. See here for more information on correct calculation of BlueScale.

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Thanks John. I should press your 'contribute' PayPal button every time you answer one of my questions :)

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