Soft Script Face?

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I hope this is easy for some Whiz out there, anyone know what this beaut goes by?

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Balloon Extra Bold is similar, but not a match.

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House Brush, from their Sign Painter Kit, is similar:

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It's House Slant! Thanks Marcox, and thank you PublishingMojo, I was using brush, but it was just feeling too harsh.

Now I just need to find $160

Colin Samuel Trechter

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That is House Slant from the House Industries Sampler which I can't seem to find on their site at the moment.

And as others have already mentioned it is also part of the House Sign Painter set.

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Found it. (Thanks, Ben!) House Slant is part of the Free Fonts (respect the EULA) package you can request to download at House Industries. And while you are at it you can request the catalogue too!

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