What good logos are there out there with Helvetica Rounded?

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So I have a new client. He's got some demands that are a bit funny to me. But then, when doesn't the client have these?

For example, he wants his product to use a light bulb... yeah It's too cliche for me but he's the client. The logo is for software apps... the trick is that he wants icons too. SO I extended the light bulb logo to implement through the icons too... like so:

It is what it is. Obviously very riffed, very early, and just throwing it out there... The thing is he turned it down and said he wants more "3D" and more Helvetica rounded... he pointed me to this... yikes!

So I decided I needed to see some stuff with Helvetica rounded that I like. I'm just having a hard time finding good logos with it off the top of my head.

p.s.... be nice:)

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I believe the Skype logo is Helvetica Rounded.

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Also the 2.0 doesn't read to me 2.0 at all. But the raised o with a dot/line under it has a special meaning in Spanish and some other romance languages.

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Yeah... I was just riffing.:) I guess you did get it was 2.0 afterall, but yeah if it wasn't clear right of then that's not good.

Seriously don't expect much.. it is scrappy madness.

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Also... the term and concept of "web 2.0" is old hat to me.

So is naming a web company something nonsensical... that trend is not so rad. (i.e. revver, orkut, drupal, hulu, etc.)

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