Big Fat Display Sign font is ... ???

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Hi kids,
I would have guessed this would be easy: something older, something readily available, but it's not any of the usual suspects. The closest I came to was Helv. Neue. Extra Bold Condensed, but still no cigar. It *could* be some custom thing made just for these placard signs ... whaddaya think? (and thanks!)

xo, marian

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Propietary to the sign business, probably based on Helvetica.

- Lex

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Alrighty then! Thanks ... I'll match it to my first guess.


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There were a lot of Franklin Gothic-like sign painting styles around but lettering for signs often gets simplified for older plotters. The newer plotters are more able though.
Squooshing sometimes happens with adjustments to plotters to fit a certain space.


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You know an economy is bad when Marian Bantjes goes into the sign business.

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The sign business could use Marian in whatever state the economy resides.


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