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I'm in my third year Graphic Design at the Royal Academy of Art (the Hague) where we also get lessons in constructing typefaces. This year we had to make our first complete typeface (capitals, lowercase and limited interpunction)
I already have all the capitals and lowercase characters on paper, but I just recently started to digitize them. Haven't gotten very far yet, but I was curious about your opinions, so I'll just post what I've got so far.

I'll post more when I've got some

-- Update --

I replaced the image with a PDF containing all caps except for the T,Z and Y. I didn't pay d=that much attention to the spacing so please forgive me of it's crooked.

-- Update --

Ok, new update.

I've digitized all my characters. Only the capital T and lowercase F are missing. Had some second thoughts about those. The new file is Quick.pdf

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I can't see the image. Is it an RGB jpeg?

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That is indeed a CMYK jpeg. For some reason it shows up fine for me on Firefox. I did not know this browser had that function.

The font reminds me a bit of Eras if it were a sort of script style and bowed to the left instead of right, but still with the rightward tilt.

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I look forward to seeing the lowercase. :)

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I uploaded an pdf containing all the caps except for the T,Z and Y. I didn't pay very much attention to the spacing yet, so I hope you can forgive me.


I actually like the capitals better. lowercase are a bit more generic.

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Wonderful! Not sure about "H" though. It looks a bit too much like a reversed "N". I'm also looking forward to see the lowercase.

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***double post***

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Hé Jonathan,

Didn't know you were a Typophile as well!

Your caps seem pretty solid, I share Jos' comment on the H. H is rather wide in comparison to O as well.
Also I would consider reducing contrast in H, K and X.
O looks a bit odd with the interruption, you might consider leaving O and Q uninterrupted.

Good luck!

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It looks great so far! Like mentioned above, I would also consider leaving the O uninterrupted, but I do,however, like the interruption in the Q.

I'm really interested in seeing the lowercase!

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This is very cute - keep it going!


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Thanx for the comments. I can see what you mean with the O. It get's a bit messy maybe.
When I started this typeface I had a couple of rules wich I based all the characters on. The most important one was that I wanted all characters to look like they could be drawn in one fluent motion with just one line without the line crossing itself.
Obviously I had to make a few concessions. But maybe I have to make a few more. The capital and lowercase 'T' don't work with my concept in mind (which you'll see soon hopefully).

I'll try levelling the bar on the H a bit so it doesn't look as much like a mirrored N. Also agree that the X K could use a tiny bit more contrast.

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FWIW I love the O and Q :)

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> maybe I have to make a few more.

Instead of making awkward concessions it would be better to simply dump your original requirement and move into type design (as opposed to lettering) in earnest. You have good forms going - let those guide you, instead of some imaginary irrelevant factor.


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> I actually like the capitals better. lowercase are a bit more generic.

Ok, but I think you've created a set of 'rules' for yourself with the capitals, with which you can make a pretty interesting lowercase.

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Ok, new update.

I've digitized all my characters. Only the capital T and lowercase F are missing. Had some second thoughts about those. I've attached a new pdf in the starting post.


I thought about your comment and you are, of course, absolutely right. I still stuck to my concept but let it go where it just didn't work. I'm pretty happy with the results so far. There's some kinks that I can see for myself but another pair of eyes are much appreciated.
I traced all the characters in Illustrator, so the spacing is done by hand and without very much care so again, apologies for that.

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I think the lowercase is coming together quite nicely. Why didn't you use that lovely double-story g that is sitting on the lower right corner of the page in some words/sentences? I like that one alot. :)

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Thanx. That double-story g was the inspiration for the whole of the typeface, but after a while it just didn't fit in anymore. I was heart broken cause it was my favorite character, but yeah. As my teacher put it "Kill your darlings'. So I did, but I just couldn't resist digitizing it anyway. It's sitting kinda lonely down there though.

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Hrant is correct. You have basic rules and you have the exceptions. Despite the exceptions, you should stay close to your rules, or you can easily drift off of your original purpose.

Looks to me like you are doing quite well. The "i" without a dot is distracting though.


...from the Fontry

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The round forms have an awkwardness to them. The curves are not a fluid as they could be. The proportions of the uppercase appear random and should be attended to. THe N is too wide the K too narrow, the H does not appear to function as an H. The weights are oddly place and the tops seem too heavy to me.

The lowercase is more successful although the m and n appear too wide. The word space is enormous.

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Forgot to mention I haven't had the time to include a dot on the i yet :p. It will be included though.

I agree with some of your points and others I don't understand.
Do you think all round forms have an awkwardness to them? I tried to use as little anchorpoints as possible to keep it fluent, but some characters, like the S, I couldn't make without some extra anchors.
What do you mean with the 'weights are oddly place and the tops seem too heavy to me.'?

The spacing is a bit random and will totally be re-done once I start putting all the characters in Fontlab. It was 4 am when I started spacing it all in illustrator, so the motivation was a bit lacking as you might understand.

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