Licensing information on Sauna by Underware

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Quick question: does anyone know if it is possible to license a single weight of Sauna? Village, MyFonts, and Underware don't give you any options, unfortunately. Thanks.

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Sauna afaik is always licensed as a complete family.

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[Sniff.] Admittedly, it is a wonderful family. What is the reasoning behind this, I wonder. Poor people (like me) shouldn't be allowed to use it :)?

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Poor people (like me) shouldn’t be allowed to use it :)?

well the creators of Sauna would like to eat too.

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The last part of my comment was a joke, Paul. Honestly, 18 well-crafted font files for $340 is not bad at all, but I simply cannot spend that much money at once. Offering smaller packages (or even better, single weights) gives people like me a chance to use the typeface. I don't see how that would interfere with their eating patterns ;)

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What about asking Underware directly about licensing a single weight of Sauna. They are veeery nice, and friendly, and helpful, and if there is anybody out there, who would be able to help you with this, it sure would be them.

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yes, i understood that. my reply was an even drier 'joke'.

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Thanks for the suggestion, David. I guess I will do just that.
Paul, it must have been too late of an hour for me last night.

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