Name my font and get it free!

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Here is a typeface I'm currently working on. Let me know what you think.

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see this page for more.

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Sorry double post. Please delete.

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heres a PDF.

scruggs-type.pdf (39.7 k)

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Well this type has a kind of slight Cheltenham air to my eye, but fortunately it is way nicer.

Check the weight of the stems in the lower case h, m and n. The lower case a looks big and the g small in relation to the other letters. Try a less shy "t".

Maybe it would not be a decent move, but it would certainly put some eyes in your type if you called it "Not Cheltenham".

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scrupelica, seventica, sixtica, scruggia. scrupia, scruvis

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What about 'lox' - the font has a slightly fish oriented style to it. It's a tasty font so far. I agree about the 't' it is a bit shy. I like the g but it seems out of place. What about a bigger bowl on top? Or maybe just a wider one? The k isn't completely convincing in it's current form. Not the way a-f are. Something about the binary 'this style on this side & that style over here' treatment of the legs seems too simple. Too formula. The v, x & y also seem less finnished & less beautiful than the others. I really like the font though & I usually don't like scottish looking fonts like this - so I hope you keep refining it!

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Wow. I like it.

The name is obvious: Beef.


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stila serif

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