Klosterfrau - anybody able to put a name to this beauty?

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I found this one yesterday and I am for the life of me not capable of naming that font. My specimen books did not turn up anything and neither did linotypes font-identifier.I even went through the whole sans-serif list on dafont, still nothing. Can anyone help me out with a name on this one?

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Hi Benjamin,
not every letter comes from a font – this is most likely hand-lettered.
If you like the slightly concave stems, check out Formata. The ‘a’ reminds me of Steile Futura aka Tasse.

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Well spoken, Florian. ^^
Normally I would agree with that theory, but as I know that this type is not part of the original logo - this is remake for a t-shirt version by a third party and they added some deliberate changes to the lok so as to avoid legal trouble - I strongly suspect this these letters do in fact come from some kind of font.
Love Formata, by the way.

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