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We're all familiar, I'm sure, with pangrams: sentences that contain all the letters of a given language alphabet, e.g. 'The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog' or 'В чащах юга жил-был цитрус--да, но фальшивый экземпляръ!'

I would like to build a collection of pan-diacritic-grams, i.e. sentences that contain all the accented or other diacritic letters that occur in a given language alphabet. The sentences would not need to include the complete set of all letters used in that alphabet, just all the diacritic letters. This would be a handy resource when making character test documents for multilingual fonts.

Some languages have well-defined diacritic sets, while others, like English, use diacritics only exceptionally or in load words. I'm not too concerned about the latter, but for languages that use diacritics regularly it would be great to have sample sentences showing them all.

Does anyone know of any examples of such sentences, or would anyone care to try to make one for his or her language?

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German for - heating oil rebound cushioning

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Hahahaha. Thanks, Terry. German is such a brilliant language!

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What are "load words"?

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I think that's a typo for 'loan words'--words from another language.

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Here, for Italian I conjured this for you on the fly. :=)
It includes all the main accented letters commonly used (àèéìòù), plus a few less used (ó, which is very little used, and î, which stands for 'ii' or the archaic 'ij').
No black magic used, but it turned out quite weird, and funny.

Se i principî si vedono sùbito, perché la città è ancòra così, come in una bótte?

(translation: If principles are immediately seen, why the city is still like this, as if inside a barrel?)

P.S. Of course, I had to express a few accents which are commonly implied, like ó in 'botte'… :=)

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I think that’s a typo for ’loan words’...


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what about Judao-Arabic? :^)

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