V-based symbol for a logo. Thoughts please ..

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In continuation of this and this threads - I'd very much like to hear any thoughts or impressions on these two versions of the mark.

It is for a logo and an application icon for a file backup software called Bvckup. The mark is based on the V and it is meant to resemble flipped over A as well as incorporate a form of an arrow indicating a motion (of either stashing the files or recovering them).

Thoughts ? Good/bad/blah/interesting/unremarkable/etc ?


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I'm seeing "V1" in the first one. The arrow is more apparent in the second, though it's pointing down in the negative space, not up.

- Lex

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Ha, a "V1". Interesting, never saw it before you mentioned it. In the Serif thread someone said a "fishing hook", which was spot on, but also didn't occur to me at all before that.

For the second version I hoped that since the arrow is enclosed, it would refer to "stashing" of the data. Also the downward motion should associate with affixing or bolting something down, which in turn refers to the permanency, reliability and such. Not sure if the mark evokes any of these associations at all though...

In any case, I thought I'd post the full set. I personally like 2a, 1a, 3b and 1d, in this order.

The triangle based versions (esp. 1D) is a rendering of the "shield" concept, but again not sure if that's evident.

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This is tricky - how much do you want the 'A' to read vs the 'V'?

I really like 1a and 3b for their blends of 'A', arrow, and 'V'. I'd say 1a is my favourite.

- Lex

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Good: the whole A row, and B3

D1 has unfortunate optical noise, D2 says 'medical' to me, either stethoscope or fallopian tubes. C3 is just bad.

B2 is strong but I see no connection to your themes...

Design is simple and will work well at icon size.

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A1 or B3

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Thanks, guys. A1 it is .. or maybe B3 :-)

Lex, Beau, kudos for detailed impressions, much appreciated.

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I don't really get the naming of the product ... but it's B3 for my money.
(Though also digging A1)

Paul Ducco
Graphic Designer
Short Film Festival

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A1 is the final version


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I like it, maybe even better than B3

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