Hidden message in poster

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I can see the word "objectified", "apple" and "fan boy" but I'm having trouble reading the other messages in the poster. Any ideas?

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I see the spoon.


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The last thing is a G5 computer, late at night. Go figure...

The guy must be single.

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The last thing is a G5 computer. Go figure...

Mac Pro looks exactly the same.

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Sorry. I just see those kind of machines on pictures (these days).

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The last row of images are the gadgets used to make the movie. :-)


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The hidden message could be: Look, I finally found some use for my clipart.

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i like it.

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I don't think it's very special. To be honest. It's ok.

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Well, probably more the Neubau Welt book with all the vector cliparts (they might even have used some of those for the poster).

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I'm too busy and too old to chase down hidden meanings.


...from the Fontry

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has anyone just asked Build about it?

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