A New Era of [Font Ir]Responsibility...

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The promise, the reality...

At least Obama is putting those unemployed graphic designers to work. ;-)

Edit - link to PDF http://www.gpoaccess.gov/usbudget/fy10/pdf/fy10-newera.pdf

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I’m seriously considering putting together an instructional web site for ignorant/stupid/cheap designers who try to pass off Gill Sans, Avenir, etc. as Gotham. Maybe with man-on-the-street interviews to show that even regular people can spot the difference.

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No man is an island unto himself_John Donne

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>I’m seriously considering putting together an instructional web site

Rule 1: Set it in all caps

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James -- Who said it was supposed to be Gotham? This is the government now, after all, and no longer the campaign.

If I'm not mistaken, they would have needed a special license for embedding Gotham in a publicly published PDF. Kinda doubt the government (or this particular designer) ponied up for such a license.

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Missed opportunity for stimulus? ;-)

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The cover isn't really the worst part. And the Gill is really saying "we want to be closer to old-Europe" - and there's nothing wrong with that. It's the inside stuff that could have used more care and attention.

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The GOP Response...


Can't say I like it. But it does at least look as if a professional designer was involved in the layout.

Some blogger should do a compare/contrast.

Fonts used...

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Not a very good one. If I had shown up for class with those title pages, widows in headlines, and horrible justification problems on every page I think my professors would have castrated me.

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At least they used Miller's curly-footed cap R rather than the flat-footed standard one. That shows someone's looking at something.


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Sorry to disappoint you, Will, but in Miller Display the curly-footed R is the default and the flat-foot is alternate -- the opposite of the Miller Text fonts.

So, this demonstrates no particular care on the part of the designers in the above.

-- K.

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I'll be damned. I use the text fonts often. But I think I've never set with the Display weights.

Or . . . Kent, it is the first of April. Are you having a joke at me?


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No joke.

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Hm, some photoshophackery going on here?

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It's redundant to indent block paragraphs, amirite?

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fi said:
> It’s redundant to indent block paragraphs, amirite?

in most cases, yes.

but it does eliminate the ambiguity which arises
when a new sentence starts at the top of a page.
is that a new paragraph? or not?

this ambiguity increases to total uncertainty
when the last line on the previous page was
as wide as the measure. (_or_ ragged-right.)

honest people can disagree if this is important...


p.s. a 2-column setup on an 8.5*11-inch page...
so they obviously have no idea how to make a .pdf
that works in a friendly way for on-screen reading.

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