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This unbracketed slab serif font reminded me of old gambling signage, hence the name.

This will probably be the bold weight, as it is a bit heavy for normal text. I hope to produce a book weight and black weight sometime as well.

Comments and critique welcome.

David Thometz

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I think the es-zett may be a little (or a lot) too wide... I see how you've made it from pieces of "f" (well, long "s") and "s," but this might be an overly-literal way of approaching the character.

The numerals are nice, with the exception that the eight looks a little bottom-heavy (actually, top-light, or "pinheaded"). Also, although this is by no means an objective judgement, the "sideways," Stempel-Garamond-esque zero was something I could never get used to. In the context of "rough" signage types, though, it might work.

Finally: great asterisk!

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I have to disagree. Sideways zeroes rock. If
Adobe Garamond had them, I wouldn't need to
bother with Stempel. Fairfield also has them.
They're particularly gorgeous in the heavy

Another interesting approach to zeroes can be
found in Berthold Bodoni Old Face (not Antiqua).

This is a great design. The f-ligs might be
built a bit too wide, but I'm not sure unless
I see them in a properly kerned run of text.

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