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I have a (newbie) doubt about the typical 'abstract characters' you find as being part of some typefaces : what's the name of that kind of characters ?

There's also a most common variant, in horizontal sense, sometimes with a double line composing the figure.

This one is from the Hoefler & Frere-Jones's site.

Thanks very much for any input.

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That particular sign is a section sign.

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Thanks speter, a google search gave me some more infos : there's too a sign called 'hedera', the ivy leaf, which is used to separate paragraphs.

But, what about that kind of 'infinit' sign, whose function seems to be similar ? (I remember I've found it below a heading section, for example)

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Thank paul, I found too that the Wingdings II typeface has some nice standart dingbats to use :


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Hello Ignacio,
you might enjoy this website:

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Wow Florian, this site is AWESOME. I captured already an asterisk for my website. Thanks very much for sharing.

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