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I have broken my own record for useless type. I am working on a project that requires a long legalese statement that "has to be there".

The last piece I did was at 2 points - to make it "readable" I allowed for auto leading. Bringhurst would be proud.

My previous record was 2.7 points or something like that.

It is an implication, not a statement - and I sort of like that. If only all the other useless "information" could be set in such a glorious setting.


My mind is subject to change without notice. I am usually the last to know.

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That's pretty hardcore. Screenshots? :)

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While you sneer at something as inconsequential as people's rights and obligations, you should hear what the legal world generally thinks of the importance of the type in which such trivialities are presented!

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Oi, I do not think that was a sneer! Is there some forum for lawyers where type designers go to sneer?

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