Patience and a Steady Hand

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Through my many searches of the internet to find some unique art, I have piled up quite an image collection. Here is a series of typographic work that I wanted to share with you.

I hope you like them.

We are currently working on a similar project in my Graphic Design II class: incorporating text into two New Orleans photographs (one audio, one visual). I will post my project when we have completed them.


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I love how people do this...I know I did my ekphrasis on the computer but I'd love to try doing one by hand like these one day

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I agree. This artist is really amazing. All of the detail that goes into these looks beautiful and I could imagine that it was a painstaking task. The hand done aspect is what makes it so amazing. I'm sure that I wouldn't be as impressed with this if it was done on the computer.

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I'm doing my ekphrasis project by hand but it's definately not this elaborate. These are really intricate.

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I agree, especially the tapestry.

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