Typefaces that work / marry with Vag Rounded

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Currently we are using Vag Rounded for our slogan. We will be redesigning the logotype. What typefaces would you recommend for the logotype? One that works well with Vag Rounded.

Thank you for your help.

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Ideally you design the logo first, the slogan is a secondary element. If you like Vag Rounded, I would use it for the logo as well. Otherwise if you really want a 2nd typeface tell us a bit more about what the logo is for.

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Chris, thanks for responding.

I hear you, yeah, ideally you design the logo first.. But, due to the nature of things, the logo is coming second...

Besides Vag Rounded, what else would you use?

Thank you

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What is the logo for?

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You might consider my Softmachine.
It has alternates for two "looks" which could be useful.

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Chirs, the logo is for a consumer product (a notebook). Sorry for being vague, but I've signed a NDA.

VAG rounded for marketing collateral.

...Now thinking of cutting Vag Rounded to make the logo.

By the way, thanks Nick for the Softmachine suggestion. I really like it! And all the other typefaces you have created. Great work.

For this situation Softmachine is too playful.

I need suggestions for other, more serious, and more corporate typefaces that would work with Vag Rounded.

And I need suggestions for a Mac - PC default typeface to work with Vag Rounded. Perhaps this default typeface could be that more corporate typeface..

Much thanks for your assistance thus far.

Look forward to hearing what you guys think.

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