What is the best Century?

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I am looking to add Century to my collection. I keep looking at it and am somewhat mesmerized. So who'd cut the best Century?

I am so far liking Century BQ, ITC Century, Century Expanded EF and maybe some others.

I am looking to incorporate italics and I am not so sure I will need bolds, but I might! Also, what faces would you pair with Century?



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The nineteenth century was my favorite, for sure.

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So many Centuries, so little time.

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Didn't we have a lengthy thread about various Centurys (the types, not time periods) a while back? The searches suck right now, but maybe Florian can work some magic and find it.

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There's some here, FWIW.

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Raymond, I couldn't agree more. Ideas were so alive then.


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Thanks, Florian. Wow, I'd forgotten about all those vitriolic tangents. We never seemed to get around to assessing digital versions, so probably of little use to Evan.

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Nick sent me a sample of his Worldwide, and I gotta say, someday I'm going to buy the set. It has an economic fit, and a little bit of flair for what is probably one of the most workman fonts in existence. Looking at the pdf specimen, I really like the character of the black and ultra weights. Could be used where I would typically use a heavy Bodoni.

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Man! I really dig Worldwide. Fabulous and I will go ahead and say that I must have it.

One question I have is about companion fonts to go with Century or Worldwide. Univers? Century Gothic (hmmm..) or something from Renner? Others? Please help as combining type is one thing I struggle with.

Speaking of -- is there a good thread that discusses font combinations and the theory behind making such an important decision?



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Brown Gothic works with Worldwide.
Both are semi-condensed and have a similarly nuanced finish.

The classic sans mate for Century is Franklin Gothic, or Benton.

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FWIW, Matthew Carter said in D.C. recently that he thought there were more good type designers out there now than ever before.

Inventor of the DVD rewinder

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