Logo help - What do you see?

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Just wondering if anyone can help me out with something I'm working on - what do you see here?

What do you see?

It's supposed to be a crown, and (this might be a stretch) the negative space is a figure hugging/embracing/supporting. Can you see it, or is it too ambiguous?

Thanks very much for any help!

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I can see the apple/crown without any problem, but the negative figure would've been impossible to see without your explanation.

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i saw the crown right away . . . i don't see the figure that you are referring to . . . (although looking for a figure, the purple aspects of the crown remind me of a sumo wrestler)

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The the circle of negative space is the head, the edges of the crown are outstretched arms.

The problem is the figure has no hands and the base of the crown obstructs the figures body.

I see the crown well.


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the crown is visible, but the apple is also quite strong. i think the stroke on top is too "applish" ... and actually what first appeared to me was something clerical. i see no kings crown but something different which i cannot name exactly. :-)

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I could see the figure if I leaned back and kind of unfocused a bit, like looking at a 3D picture.

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At first I saw a pumpkin with a curved line underneath ... then I saw the crown ...

If the success of the mark relies on people seeing a person embracing something, you should find a new idea.


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I saw the crown right away. I didn't see the figure, and at first I thought you meant the "apple

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Thanks everyone for lending your eyes! This forum is ever so helpful.

I'm trying to come up with something Crown-like, but with some added significance to it. My hometown of Regina (named in honour of Queen Victoria) recently adopted a new logo I don't think does the City justice, so here I am trying to come up with something more fitting - something that recalls the royal ties, and at the same time more colourful, lively and friendly than just using a crown on its own (which was the old logo).

Here's another one I came up with:

Crown 2

A crown for our historical Queen City-ness and to symbolise civic authority; people linked both in celebration and in support, the community reaching forward; purple for our Royal past, green for the City's growing and prosperous present, red for our warm and passionate outlook to the future, all firmly planted on the golden Prairie.

Any thoughts on how to approach rendering a crown? Other Crown-like logos that might lead me somewhere? Thanks again!

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Hmm. Its colorful.

But it looks they are saluting the fuhrer.

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"But it looks they are saluting the fuhrer."

Ha ha. That problem might be avoided by straightening out the little "limp wrists" on the red and purple figures.

This one has that "non-profit" look. I liked the style of the first one more, FWIW. That one just didn't get the job done, though.

maybe if the three figures were one smooth shape. you could make the heads one color, the bodies another and the bottom "u" shape the third.

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