Civil Engineering Firm typeface?

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Hey guys, I'm looking for a complimentary typeface for this logo for a civil engineering firm. I've used Estilo for the logo but it's a bit impractical for text on a business card and collateral. Any suggestions on type that either resembles Estilo's roundness or maybe just a serif that looks nice with it?

I've tried Bryant and it doesn't feel professional enough...

Thanks for the help!

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Scala Sans would work well as a textface with similar character.

Depending on what you're going for, Minion could work nicely as a serif.

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Oh yeah, those are really nice options. I'm working with Rockwell Light currently, might work. Thanks for the suggestions!

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I don't think you want anything too humanist.
I'd try Caecilia. Or maybe Silica.


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I second Silica and suggest you also try some faces from the DIN-clan, like DIN Medium Alternate or its rounded brother DIN 17 SB.

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