Good serif match with Chalet

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Does anyone a suggestion for a good serif pairing with Chalet? This is for a brochure for a pre-school.


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Paper Back from House

No man is an island unto himself_John Donne

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How about Century Schoolbook?

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Make that Century Pre-schoolbook.

But which Chalet did you have in mind?
Helvetica, Pump, or Avant Garde?

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Not sure... it's Chalet from House Industries. I'm using "Paris Nineteen Sixty"

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1960? IMO, that's somewhat like the Helvetica kind of grotesque, but slightly rounder in the curves.

If I were you, I'd take the opportunity to get Chalet Book and use that as the text face, and play around with its small caps and small cap figures, OpenType stuff you don't get with Helvetica.

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