(x) Brand new media - FF Dax {BJ Harvey}

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Can someone help me with this? When I saw it, I thought Barmeno, then I realised how horribly horribly wrong I was. I dont think its FF Sari either.

Coles? Yves? Anyone? Is this so obvious as to humiliate me?

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David - guessing Dax. Last font I ID'd as Barmeno
was Dax. :-)

Stay calm. Yves should arrive shortly.

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Well, at least they're all by the same designer ;) Looks pretty close to me. Any dissenters?

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I think BJ's right on the money.

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He is. BJ, I mean.

> Well, at least they're all by the same designer.

Not only that, but they look very similar too.
> Hans Reichel's latest addition to the FontFont
library, FF Sari

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I found some information about that Barmeno/FF New Barmen/
FF Sari renaming business on Luc Devroye's website.

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> Stay calm. Yves should arrive shortly.

Sorry, but I went to see my little sister who just got
back from Peru with her friend and their kids. I didn't
see them in over a year, and they're leaving next month
for another year. There are sometimes different priorities
in life...

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