David Carson

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David Carson was a school teacher and pro-surfer before be began his career as a Typographer. His first graphic design book, The End of Print, is the highest selling graphic design book of all time, selling over 200,000 copies and printed in 5 different languages. Carson pushes the limits on both graphic design and typography. He experiments in new ways of communication through his designs and uses a variety of different mediums. He is a very inspirational designer and continues to follow his intuition to drive his work.

Check him out at DavidCarsonDesign.com


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David Carson is also in Scandinavia concidered as a most likely lecturer not to show up.
He has a record of two decades of not showing up for his agreed appointment.

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great one for typographic experimentation...maybe not a great one to invite as
a guest lecturer!

it might be cool to begin a bit of carson-esque type in your work and then
we can talk all about the cool type by that inspirational designer j. strong!!

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Tomi, now I feel less special: for the Thessaloniki conference of 2002 (or was it 2004?) Carson canceled, then rescheduled at the last minute, causing a $6000 first class ticket to be bought, then canceled again.* The good news is that Spiekermann and Brody did a superb job filling in - much more satisfying than when I saw Carson speak at... I think it was ATypI99 (where a gaggle of fawning wannabes lined up for an audience afterwards).

* This type of behavior reinforces my view that on the Art--Design axis Carson is closer to the former. Design is essentially about other people.


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