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I'm after a bit of help and guidance on this one please. The logo for the couple is an eternity symbol, and so I'm trying to work it into their names (their names being Wesley and Leanne). Attached is the concept, but I'm struggling to make it look at all good and legible. Just wondering if anybody had any suggestions, any typefaces that would work well etc. Would appreciate any feedback.



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Sorry...I can't read Wes and Leanne...
Perhaps the "w" could be not an exact mirror...


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concept might work ... but yeah it's a bit illegible at the moment
might be worth exploring: ampersands or affecting the perspective of the eternal/mobius strip

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I could read it with a slight effort, but, yeah, I agree with ^ it is somewhat illegible in its current form. Clever concept though, it's certainly worth exploring further.

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Very nice idea! Try skewing the symbol so it's more in line with the slant of the letters.

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(Or unskewing the letters so they're more in line with the uprightness of the symbol.)

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I like the idea of the names sort of merging together, but I really feel that by connecting the nn to the w the letters on the sides create an imbalance in the whole. My suggestion is to stick with the "loops merging"-idea but use the z at the end of wez and the l at the beginning of leanne to do it. As you have chosen a handwritten kind of type, this should be fairly straightforward.

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