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Hi everybody,

i just came across this great forum the other day. :-)

As i am currently working on creating a new logo for my own (web)design business i thought i would post the current status here for criticism. Its basically a refinement of ideas that were used before. I just now finally went to use plain vectors ;)

rush.media logo

The symbol stands for energy and speed, attributes that are linked to the word "rush".
I am interested in hearing your opinions on this logo, how does it work?


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Andrew, the top-left and bottom-right sets of arrows work best; the opacity change looks like a trail or ghost behind the moving object.

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Andrew that's nice, However it doesn't say anything about the Web as a medium for design. I feel like this thread has gotten off the point. I thought this logo was for a WEB design studio, not a race car decal.

Dude M. think Tetris, (the gameboy game)

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Just as an example I did a little experiment.
On the right is my picture which is 216 pixels x 144 pixels. On the left is the same picture at 6 pixels by 4 pixels. Now Hypothetically if I were to get up and MOVE from my seat in that picture, then what would happen? Answer: the pixels would change color(shades of grey), however they WOULD NOT CHANGE SHAPE. The pixels would stay SQUARE.This is why IMPO the logo using the Basic Square was the strongest concept you have shown so far. This will probably be of no service to you M. for you are going in a different direction. However maybe it will bring some clarity to a few things I have said earlier.

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It's his personal studio site. He might as well explore all the options he can.

But yes, his skewed pixel treatment is the best so far.

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Thanks for your comments,

Andrew-- You are right that your suggested arrow shapes provide a stronger feeling of movement. However in my impression they feel too heavy and massive. Why i separated mine and used the angle is because i actually like feeling of ease and lightness i get from it.
Plus i didn't completely drop the idea of pixels, even though they are less prominent then before.

David-- Your idea of moving, as in shifting color, pixels is great. I had understood your concept right away. My only problem, and i am still not absolutely sure if that really is a problem, is that for print use it is possibly not distinct enough. So i am thinking, while still using pixels, build a shape from the pixels that again speaks motion.

Scott-- Different colors is definitely an option. I have been thinking about using color for the logotype as well. I will try a cool grey.

I am leaning towards the concept with arrow shapes, but maybe i can get some more opinions.

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It's not a problem if you are a "motion/web" designer. One solution to this ? would be to use a different logo on each variation of printed matter. On the business card you could use one logo and on the letterhead you could use another and on the envelope, yet another. You have infinite flexibility in terms of how many variations of hue that can exist in the square verision of your logo.
The reason why you might use different logos on each piece is so you will create the overall illusion of motion from one thing to the next.
The logo is changing at all times, even on your own stationery.

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Arrows are to literal when talking about motion. They are also strictly pointing in a specific direction. What if you were showing backward motion, sideways motion, or slow motion.

It would be wierd of everything on screen was going the opposite direction of your logo.

I am pointing this out because I sense that for a web/motion studio you might want to be neutral to all aspects of motion graphics and web design. The logo itself shouldn't be overly designed if you want to capture the hearts of all possible clientel not just the ones who want fast hyper flashy motion design. But then again I might be crazy

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I had to take a little break and there were other projects that needed my attention, but now i am back at thinking about my rushmedia identity.
Summing up the results so far, i both like the use of visible pixels and i also want some shapes that speak movement. The last design with arrows didn't seem too bad, but i haven't been satisfied with it.

Thus i have been playing with arrangements of arrows and the following is what i came up with. While it obviously does not emphasize speed as much as before, it introduces a meaning of its own. With three arrows pointing towards the center and one outwards, the symbol speaks of combining input from various sources into one strong and powerful result.
To emphasize the asymmetry of the logo i decided to use a second color. Personally what appeals to me is the relative closeness of the symbol while keeping movement through asymmetry.

So, this one is more subtle again, and i don't know if i am nuts going that way.

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M thanks for abandoning the vortex. What I thought of was something yellow being flushed.

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what if you laid out the type on the same 3-d plane as the mark?

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Daniel, it never occurred to me that you could see something yellow being flushed in the vortex, but you are right, and its not a good association. ;)
This logo is definitely better than the vortex.

Darrel, i tried putting the logo type on the same 3d angle as the mark, but the result just didn't look as clean and serious anymore as i wanted.

Any comments on the mark itself, does it seem appropriate (for a webdesign business) and would it catch your eye somehow?

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M, The logo is fine but, a paragraph of copy explaining how you would empower a potential client, timing, cost and deliverables will help more than any logo. Content, not looks will make your sales. Offer your customers something.

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Looks good to me. Nothing too out of the ordinary, but certainly not cliche or run-of-the-mill either. Go with it!

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I feel like the new logo and the original(vortex) logo have similar qualities and directions about them. It feels like you are trying to say to much in the latest logo. It is confusing as to which direction you want the logo to take me. There are three arrows pointing inward and one out. I personaly can't wrap my head around this rationale. The logo and the type also feel like they are in two different dimensions. What made you choose that typeface? To me the logo looks a little to Galaga( the video game) It feels like it's going to shoot another spaceship any moment. I guess you know my opinion at this point and so I'll stop blabbing. My favorite is still the 6 squares forming one square. That logo tells me all I need to know and leaves infinite possiblilities to my imagination. Look at how Hewlett Packard has used the PLUS symbol. Or the H+R block green square. The green square is so symbolic it is freaking mind boggling. Anyway, good luck.

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Thanks for your comments.
As it is always one of the toughest things to create your own identity, i myself am still not satisfied completely with the logo i created. I know its probably okay but no masterpiece. Since i have no deadline i think i will let it sit at the back of my mind for a little longer. I am just afraid i'd end up having a totally different idea and starting over. ;)
No matter what, i have and am learning a lot from your input.

Daniel, as you noticed, my website also needs a bit of update. This is on my far to long to-do list.

And David, please be assured i really like your idea. I just couldn't see that this is what i want here, since i like a logo that can also simply look good, for all those that are not designers. Saying that, i understand your complaint that the last logo is too complicated again.
The typeface indeed was never discussed, its now contrasting with the hard edges of the logo to some degree. I had chosen it right in the beginning because it is modern and fresh, yet still serious.

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I really like how you are heading with the logo, rush. It's looking great.

Just a question, what font are you using for "rush.media"? I really like it

Thanks, and good luck with the logo!


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Thanks Tyler,

the logo is still waiting for further use.
To answer your question, the font used is FontFont Dax by Hans Reichel.

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