Big hurray 4 Typegirl!

Jos Buivenga's picture

Happy birthday, Tiffany!

beejay's picture

happy birthday Tiffff!!!!!

Ivo's picture

Happy birthday and all the best!

Dav's picture

Haaappy Biiirthday, Misss Tifff.

Nick Cooke's picture

Happy Birthday Tiffany - good pic Jos.

Nick Cooke

mili's picture

Happy Birthday Miss Tiffany!

Cool pic, Jos!

Chiba Chiba's picture

Feliz aniversário Tiff!

eliason's picture

Happy birthday!

jupiterboy's picture

Happy Birthday!

Antonio Cavedoni's picture

Buon compleanno Tiff!

Ricardo Cordoba's picture

Best wishes, Miss Tiffany!

timd's picture

Happy birthday.


rcc's picture

Happy Birthday, Miss Tiffany!

Stephen Rapp's picture

Happy Birthday!

bemerx25's picture

Here's to a great teacher and all around wonderful person! Happy b-day Tiffany!

blank's picture

Happy Birthday to everyone’s favorite font fetishist!

microspective's picture

Happy Birthday, Miss Tiffany!

jselig's picture

Happy birthday! may it be a good one.

nora g's picture

Happy birthday dear Miss Tiffany! I wish you a wonderful new year in life with lot of surprises, lot of luck, lot of happy days and more ...

BruceS63's picture

Happy birthday!

Where's the cake?

Inventor of the DVD rewinder

tearsforsappho's picture

Happy Birthday!

Sharon Van Lieu's picture

Hope you have a wonderful birthday, Tiffany!


Florian Hardwig's picture

Where’s the cake?
In the fonts, of course!

Happy birthday!

Ale Paul's picture

feliz cumpleaños!

Norbert Florendo's picture

Have a very Happy Birthday, Tiffany!

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Happy, Happy. All the best.

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Miss Tiffany's picture

You guys rock. Thank you for the well wishes! The added bonus to all of this is that I've met so many of you and that just makes it all the more real.

Typedog's picture

Happy B-day!


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Happy birthday, Tiffany!

paul d hunt's picture

have some rocky road ice cream on me! (it's in your freezer :^p)

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Happy birthday, t!


Other T

crossgrove's picture

Many happy returns of the day, Tiff. Enjoy!

satya's picture

Happy Birthday, Tiff!

nina's picture

Oh – a very happy birthday, Tiffany! (-:

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Happy 25th birthday, T!


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happy birthday!

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>Jota itsa J85<

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You know, like, what everyone else is saying, and then some! :^D

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A day late, but happy birthday Tiffany! I've only met you that one time, when we had the Typophile beach bonfire in San Francisco a couple years or so ago, but it is really different than just knowing somebody online.

DavidL's picture

It figures you'd be born on Giambattista's birthday (albeit a bit later). Best wishes!

Miss Tiffany's picture

Thank you, thank you infinity x 10! :^)

David, I thought I was born on his birthdate too, but wikipedia says he was born on February 16th. Can we verify either of these dates?

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Argh, I'm way too late...

Happy (belated) birthday!

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like the bald guy said...

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Happy Birthday Tiffany!

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I'm late! Happy Birthday Tiff!


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