What can I get away with when styling Ogonek?

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I’m having a tough time stylizing an Ogonek for a display face—I’m just not sure how much I can get away with before it turns into a character that native users won’t want to use or won’t recognize. But then I look at all the crazy stuff people do with cedilla and wonder if I can push Ogonek the same way. How far can I go with the Ogonek?

If anyone can share examples of really great Ogoneks tweaked to fit a display face I would love to see them!

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You should ping Adam (Twardoch). I don't know if he looks in the Design forum.

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This thread has a bunch of examples of ogoneks with sans that Adam put up, and discussion--thanks Adam!

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The Ogoneks in that thread are still pretty plain. I’m looking for Ogoneks from fonts where a curvy hook looks kind of tacked on. But with the exception of United, this sort of font usually don’t contain an Ogonek.

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How far can I go...?

Downtown, man.

But for a real trip, check out Stern.

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Wow, I never noticed that crazy ogonek in stern. But how can one go nuts with a non-chirographic ogonek and have it still look like an ogonek?

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James, I think the only answer is to try a couple of variants and see. I don't know of any other metric. Bring your sketchbook to the TDC tomorrow, and we will give reactions.

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