South African Township Typography

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Hi all,

I've started blogging my ever-growing collection of Township Type from around South Africa.

If that's something that may be interesting to you, check it out here -



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More hand lettering than type but still some really cool stuff. Funny how there seem to be more beauty salons than anything else. I guess vanity is not a problem solely in the U.S.

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Shane, are you familiar with the South African sit-com "Font" set in a print shop - I hear its poor, but I'd still love to get hold of a DVD if its available somewhere.

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sii, I must confess that I've never watched an episode but am aware of the show you're referring to. The SABC doesn't usually release their shows to DVD because there isn't really ever enough demand but I'll keep an eye out if you like...

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If you do spot it please let me know. I tried emailing them a while back but got no response.

PS. love the site

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