Pimping Albertus with glyphs for some experiments in computing

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You go pimp the font albr55x.ttf with FontCreator 5.6 demo version to add a mapping to .null and add a nonmarkingreturn glyph.

You will also add these glyphs here.

U+EC11 if{1}
U+EC21 then{1}
U+EC31 elsif{1}
U+EC41 else{1}
U+EC51 endif{1};
U+EC12 if{2}
U+EC22 then{2}
U+EC32 elsif{2}
U+EC42 else{2}
U+EC52 endif{2};
U+EC70 start;
U+EC7E halt;
U+EC7F finish;
U+ECA1 while{1}
U+ECB1 do(1}
U+ECC1 endwhile{1};
U+ECA2 while{2}
U+ECB2 do{2}
U+ECC2 endwhile{2};
U+ED10 ai:=0;
U+ED11 ai:=ai+hi;
U+ED12 ai:=ai-hi;
U+ED13 ai:=ai*hi;
U+ED14 ai:=ai/hi;
U+ED1A hi:=0;
U+ED1B hi:=10*hi+p;
U+ED1C j:=hi;
U+ED1E mi[j]:=ai;
U+ED1F hi:=mi[j];
U+ED31 q:=ai>0;
U+ED35 q:=ai<0;
U+ED3F q:=not q;
U+ED80 p:=0;
U+ED81 p:=1;
U+ED82 p:=2;
U+ED83 p:=3;
U+ED84 p:=4;
U+ED85 p:=5;
U+ED86 p:=6;
U+ED87 p:=7;
U+ED88 p:=8;
U+ED89 p:=9;
U+EF71 x:=ai;
U+EF72 y:=ai;
U+EF73 r:=ai;
U+EF74 g:=ai;
U+EF75 b:=ai;
U+EF77 putpixel(x,y,r,g,b);
U+EC.. is for control structures of the program.
U+ED.. is for operations upon data.
U+EE.. is for events.
U+EF.. is for functions and graphics.

You go to have Auto Naming named the font as Alberga instead of Albertus Medium and the font changed to Alberga.

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