Printing on clear stickers?

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They sell white sticker paper everywhere and its easy to print on, but does anyone know if there's clear stickers available?

And printing on laser or inkjet capable?


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I don't know what size you need, but I've had good luck with Staples item #714409, which is equivalent to Avery #5660/8660. They're clear and laser-compatible. I've never tried them on an inkjet, but the package says they're inkjet compatible. These are 1" x 2-5/8" address labels, but they probably come in other sizes too.

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Avery makes several types of clear inkjet/laser labels. Here's a link to a full sheet pack:
Avery® Clear Full-Sheet Labels for Inkjet

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I've had good luck doing color laser printing on clear stickers at home. Just be SURE you only use stickers designed for laser printing in a laser, and stickers designed for inkjet printing in an inkjet.

Using the wrong stickers in a laser printer could result in the stickers melting inside your printer, potentially destroying the printer or causing a costly repair bill. Using the wrong stickers in an inkjet probably won't hurt anything, but the ink might wipe off or smear, leaving you with some expensive but useless stickers.



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